ABOUT 825 Basics

At 825 Basics we believe everyone intuitively knows who they are and where they want their career to go. Most of us just can’t find the words to use or the next step to take on our career journey. 825 Basics offers tools and resources to help you define and share your dreams and aspirations so you can achieve them. Find your sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and success with 825 Basics.

Contact us for your workplace, university, professional organization or individual career strategy needs. 825 Basics offers programming and resources in two areas – HOW TO Career Strategies and Strategic Communications.

  • Interactive workshops with HOW TO processes and strategies for college and career success
  • Unique keynotes that not only are¬†motivational, but also inspire participants with HOW TO strategies so they can actually walk away and TAKE ACTION
  • Career story coaching for your job search, award, fellowship, promotion or other applications, interviews or conversations – we help you craft the message to showcase your past, present and future career story

825 Basics is led by Danielle Forget Shield and Tricia Berry, experienced, professional and dynamic speakers dedicated to helping everyone reach their full potential and achieve career success.  We are your HOW TO Career Strategy experts!

Meet Danielle and Tricia in this video:



825 Basics programs, career tools and books are guided by five principles that are critical to workplace and life success:

  • Know Yourself
  • Understand Your Environment
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Maintain Balance
  • Have a Plan


Guided by the 825 Basics principles, the mission of 825 Basics, LLC is to provide superior programs to professionals and students. 825 Basics clients gain knowledge and tools that can be immediately applied to their careers.