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Danielle Forget Shield

President, CEO

Author, professional speaker and President and Co-Founder of 825 Basics, Danielle Forget Shield, has been engaging audiences with career success techniques for over 1o years. Through 825 Basics, a career enhancement company, she provides strategies that can be immediately applied for workplace success. Her excitement comes from experience in implementing the methods she shares and seeing those she has mentored successfully navigate their careers. With many years of experience developing and delivering career education to professionals and college students, she has helped thousands of individuals improve their career direction and growth.

Prior to 825 Basics, Danielle spent 15 years in corporate roles, holding senior positions in engineering, environmental compliance and project development. She earned a civil engineering degree from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA in finance from the University of St. Thomas.

Danielle’s Story – Why I Believe in the 825 Basics Process

For over ten years I have participated in an annual career evaluation to ensure that my career is moving in the right direction. As I have become more experienced, the career evaluation exercises have helped me make many career decisions.

As a young professional, I had ideas of where I wanted to go, but didn’t know how to get there. I understood the value of having goals, but needed a mechanism to help me attain them. The exercises we use in 825 Basics workshops gave me the tools necessary to create an action plan and make baby steps toward the end result I desired. This method helped me reach what seemed like unattainable personal and professional milestones at a young age.

As a mid-career professional, the exercises helped me re-define what I wanted from an employer, a position and a career. I found that opportunities would arise that seemed like they were once-in-a-lifetime chances. These choices seemed to cause more stress than joy because they often came at what I perceived to be the wrong time. Through the 825 Basics exercises, I found that the right opportunity has to come at the right time. By managing my career, I can manage the opportunities that arise and ensure they happen at the right time or that I leave the door open for the opportunity to present itself again. The exercises gave me confidence and the ability to speak openly about what I want in my future and how my skills, knowledge and goals tie into a company or a position.

As a higher level corporate professional, I found myself lost again and asking “Is this what I have been working toward?” Working through the 825 Basics exercises made me realize that often times our career paths and goals change as we learn more about ourselves and our situations. The result of working through the exercises this time was to create a way to merge what I love to do as a volunteer with what I excel at professionally. This was not a drastic change, but one that emerged over time through an action plan.

Career Planning exercises have become something I must do annually to maintain a  positive attitude, a fulfilled career, and a balanced life. I commit to spending at least one full day dedicated to the exercises to get the most out of the experience. The workshop will always be a part of my future to ensure that I am headed in the right direction and to lessen the stress that comes with opportunities for change. These exercises have had a large part in my success. When you understand who you are, what skills you bring to the table, and what you want, you can communicate that to others so that both you and everyone you know understand how you fit into the big picture.