Leslie InterianoLeslie Interiano

Launch Specialist

Born and raised in El Salvador, Central America, Leslie came to Houston in 1988 to study at St. Thomas University.  Having never written a single essay in English, she joined her freshman class and went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Computer Science.  She started her career as a Programmer Analyst, a job that needed her to be highly detailed and focused. She then joined her husband’s company, Interiano-Hubbard, Inc. as Executive Assistant. Leslie has been responsible for maintaining the books of the company, editing of highly confidential documents, translations from and to Spanish, maintaining relationships with clients, and organizing all the activities of the company.

Leslie is the mother of three girls ages 19, 15 and 11.  In an effort to learn about their environment and what it meant to grow up in the United States, Leslie became an avid volunteer at the girls’ school where she has: chaired multiple events, written handbooks and guides for new and current parents, reached out to the community to foster growth and involvement, participated in advancement activities, established a Spanish after-school program, and has led presentations and meetings.

Leslie’s greatest inspiration: her daughters. She has lived every stage of development with her daughters, from opening their minds to learning about the world to helping them establish personal objectives.  It has been Leslie’s goal to guide them constantly through open conversations, with discussions about peer pressure, supporting them in every step so that they can achieve balance.   Leslie comes to Launch feeling a deep passion for every issue that may impact, motivate or hinder the growth of young people.  Her perspective is different because of her origin.  She believes in the power of choice, in empowering through validation and knowledge, and in taking ownership of who we are and what we do.