Engineer Your Career

Whether you are heading into your first job, changing positions within your current organization or changing employers every 2 years, you need to engineer your own career path. Take control of your own career planning. Most people want to manage their own career, but they don’t know how. This session gives you the processes, tools and techniques – the equation – to manage your own career.

Learn how to recognize what career opportunities are right for you and build a foundation for career and life decisions.

“I gained so much more than I expected.
I have a new outlook on my career and life decisions.”
– 2007 Workshop Participant

Here are some previews of this workshop:

In this innovative half day or one-day workshop, engage in…

  • Powerful and structured self-assessment intertwined with peer coaching and personal action planning.
  • An examination of your mindsets and life trends that frame your accomplishments, goals and career pursuits.
  • An exploration of your career trends and career path.

Workshop Takeaways

  • A personal action plan
  • An enhanced understanding of your interests, values and goals and their tie to your personal career satisfaction, energy and success
  • A foundation for current career planning, performance review preparation, career advancement, and/or future career and life decisions

Is this Workshop for You?

  • Anyone seeking a better understanding of their personal motivations, mindsets, career and personal goals, or career health will find the workshop invaluable in creating a personal action plan and in strengthening one’s ability to recognize the right opportunities for the future.
  • Persons preparing for a performance review or for the next career position in their company or organization will gain a better understanding of how to sell their strengths, abilities, interests and motivations to their peers, managers, mentors and other decision makers.
  • New professionals, individuals seeking a career change, individuals transitioning between career pursuits, or students will gain direction and a better understanding of their personal motivations and career needs.
  • Mid-career and experienced professionals will find the workshop insightful and powerful in setting continued career goals and personal direction.

Workshop Overview

Throughout the workshop, participants will explore the following topics through structured self-assessment and reflection, interactive discussion and peer coaching. Note that some of these are not included in the half-day workshop.

  • Explore 13 career strategies and tools to explore your career trends and set a direction for your future.
  • What does your introduction say about you? Learn the 4 key pieces of information to include.
  • Explore what gives you career energy through the 6 basic areas of self-assessment.
  • Understand yourself through role model identification and an interactive “fake job” exercise.
  • Engage in the 8 steps to successful goal setting…and goal accomplishment.
  • What’s your “List of 100″ – the 100 things you want to accomplish or experience?
  • Learn the 4 basic storage areas for career information and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Write it all down. Discover the power of personal action planning and the 5 steps for action planning success.

“As you climb the ladder of success, check occasionally to make sure it is leaning against the right wall.”

– Anonymous


Watch this video to preview the workshop Learn How Your Trends Impact Your Future. This workshop is part of the one day Engineer Your Career workshop and can be offered separately as a one hour workshop, webinar or teleseminar.

Listen to this story to see why it is critical that you know what you want in your career.


The Dream Job Exercise is another piece of the Engineer Your Career workshop. Check out this video for a glimpse at the exercise and why you should do it annually.