Get the Recognition You Deserve

This topic can be customized to align to corporate Professional Development Plans or performance review processes. This topic may be presented in keynote, presentation or workshop format.

It is frustrating to put a tremendous amount of effort into your job, research and teaching and feel like you aren’t recognized for your contribution. How can you break this cycle and get the recognition you feel you deserve? Getting recognized in the workplace is about communicating the RIGHT accomplishments to the RIGHT people. Explore career strategy tools that align accomplishments to workplace and career goals. When the right accomplishments are strategically communicated, you get noticed and you get the recognition you deserve.

In this program participants will:

  • Identify metrics that matter to your manager or organization.
  • Align accomplishments, communications and career strategies with metrics.
  • Identify challenges and success methods to create strategic communications that are viewed as solutions.

Key Learning Tools and Takeaways:

  • Create a strategic job description and career vision aligned to your definition of career success.
  • Begin to create clearly defined strategic measurables for each job description task.
  • Evaluate valued skills in the workplace and compare with personal traits and career aspirations.
  • Develop communication routines to ensure continued success.